CCMRadio Show with Clark Crawford you’ll hear of his incredible story of overcoming drugs, alcohol, prison, jails, heart attack, stroke, blindness from a drug overdose, divorce, and suicide attempts. But more importantly you will hear God’s grace and redemption which transformed him into a passionate preacher of God’s Truth. Join us and listen to the uncompromising truth where you too, can be transformed by God’s power in your life.

Radio Shows at : GTRW


Clark Crawford is committed to preaching the Cross, the Blood, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through evangelistic efforts focused on preaching the salvation message and restoration of lives, we minister through radio and television, and in churches, crusades, youth camps, prisons, half-way houses, orphanages, and nursing homes.


To touch the broken lives of humanity in every nation and every country with the salvation message of Jesus Christ and to see lives radically changed for the glory of God until Christ’s return to earth.

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