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After a life of childhood abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide attempts, and prison time, God miraculously healed and restored him.
Today, Clark is the Author of (4) books, has ministered through radio and television, ministers in churches, crusades, men’s groups, youth camps, orphanages, nursing homes, prisons, jails, street corners, restaurants, parks, and detention centers. Anywhere people can be found, Clark is pointing them to Jesus Christ.

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What The People are Saying


He is a man after God’s own heart.

Being his pastor at The Winner’s Edge Church…

“My wife, Linda, and I have grown to really love and respect Clark Crawford. He is a man after God’s own heart. Being his pastor at The Winner’s Edge Church, I can endorse him both as an evangelist and his personal character and walk with God. Clark is living out what he preaches. The work he has penned in this book (Thank God for My Cross) will bless you and your family. Let me encourage you to get a few copies to give out to your unsaved friends and even to dedicated Christians. This book speaks to us all. May God richly bless you and anoint your ears to comprehend the truth in these pages. Your best days are yet ahead.”

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. David Allbritton, Pastor 

 He has a powerful testimony!

My husband and I are hosts on the Atlanta Live Show on WATC-TV 57 here in Atlanta, Georgia. We meet so many wonderful guests on the show, but few stay with us long after the show is over like Clark Crawford. We have interviewed him several times and he is a genuine servant of the people and a man of God. He has a powerful testimony and a purpose and passion for God to share his testimony wherever and whenever he can. He has changed so many lives and has brought countless to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the gospel. We are so honored to call him our friend and we believe your joining with him will bless your ministry and all those you touch immensely. We highly recommend Clark and if you need any further information from us, please feel free to contact us. Happy 2022!
God bless you in your ministry
Carl & Gail Williams

 His heart is that souls are saved!

“It is such an honor to endorse my friend and brother Clark Crawford. His love for people is genuine and seemingly not common. Even in the church. Operating in the power of the Holy Spirit and using the spiritual gifts that He has been given, He lives the life of an evangelist. Sometimes misunderstood but never abandoned. That’s the honor I have to call him my friend and brother. Clark proves to the church and most of all to the world that evangelism is not dead. God bless my brother Clark Crawford!“
Ben Sarratt

 His ministry has impacted thousands of people!

It is indeed a great pleasure to give a letter of recommendation for Clark Crawford. My camaraderie with Crawford started over two years ago. My first impression was, he’s a modern-day Apostle Paul. His ministry has impacted thousands of people with his testimony and he has been instrumental in creating destiny and change for friends, family, and a host of churches and leadership. I highly recommend him to your Agency. May God continue to bless him thru you as the conduit of change in an unstable world.

Bishop Gary D Weems, The Rock Church Of Terrell

His life has been radically changed

“Clark Crawford is a treasure out of the darkness. His life has been radically changed by the power of Jesus Christ to become the devil’s worst nightmare. His passion to win souls is electrifying; in the pulpit, on street corners, and in restaurants, parks, prisons, detention centers, jails, and Crusades. Anywhere people can be found, Clark is pointing them, like a young Billy Graham, to Jesus Christ. This book, ‘Thank God I Got Caught – From Prisoner to Worshiper’ is the story of how one man was dramatically transformed to reach his generation for Jesus. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be motivated to do the same. This is a must-read you can’t put down.”

Jon Ogle, PH.D., First Family Church - Dallas

He has made an everlasting impact on my own life!

“Clark Crawford’s commitment and ability to share the Lord’s message, is nothing short of incredible. He has made an everlasting impact on my own life, as well as my family, and that impact will only grow stronger with our faith, and our trust in Clark Crawford as our Shepherd. I am truly forever grateful for him.”

Benny Wright, First Family Church - Dallas

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