Clark’s Vision is
to Touch the Broken Lives of Humanity in Every Nation and Every Country with the Salvation message of Jesus Christ.

  • The Third Great Awakening could begin any day w! Author and evangelist Clark Crawford encourages believers to get ready for The Third Great Awakening, which he says will start very soon. He also warns n-believers that they must turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before something happens that could cut them off from being able to make that decision, such as a sudden death or the Second Coming of Christ.
  • After spending nearly a lifetime on drugs and alcohol as well as serving time in prison, Clark Crawford met Jesus face-to-face in a jail-cell encounter that revolutionized his life forever. Now an evangelist, Clark talks about what it means to die to one’s sins and to turn one’s life over completely to God through Jesus Christ. His book is personal, inspirational, and deeply motivating.
  • Enemies are a fact of life. How one deals with one's enemies is the real issue. In his usual candid and straightforward approach, Clark Crawford honestly shares what God has taught him about how to forgive his enemies
  • Clark Crawford knows the depths of despair brought on by alcohol, illegal drugs, and prison life but also the heights of joy from finding new life in Jesus Christ. Learn about his miraculous transformation in his exciting first book, Thank God I Got Caught.


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